Verge has the tools to satisfy every IoT project , prices include assembly connection to Captis, programming, mounting etc

Pipeline Intelligence

Verge has a proven track record in process network monitoring.

Latest Project: Sydney Water Sewer: 15000 high level monitors. Each detection saves Sydney Water $20K.

Payback every 6 months for 5 Years.

These systems provide early warning, thus reducing the impact of blockages, essentially a seatbelt for sewer systems.

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Verge Solutions

Trusted by many companies for nearly 50 years. Brands such as Thales, Coca Cola, Kraft, Cadbury, to Wesfarmers, by the government of Victoria, and water utilities. Now a Telstra, Madison Technologies and mIoT partner, Verge continue to be the sensor expert our partners trust

Measure anywhere

Less waste. Less risk. Better future.

We value every drop of water that we save, and we believe being smart is key to a sustainable future.

  • A family of Solutions

  • Almost any measurement possible
  • Many use cases

  • One platform

A family of Solutions

Almost any measurement possible Build your solution

Many use cases

One platform