[S13.2] Air Quality

[S13.2] Air Quality

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The VDX-001, a Air Quality Sensor sensor has Modbus output, voltage input of 4.5 to 5.5V, a current draw of 130mA and a wake time of 16s.

Measurement range covers for dust PM2.5 PM10, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, TVOC, CH2O.

For applications that use the power supplied from the Internally powered Captis Multi, the Dust monitor needs to be disconnected, and if Dust is required, and only Captis power available, Verge need to disconnect the Gas sensor

To work with Captis, Temperature Humidity and Dust  or Temperature Humidity and Gas must be selected. If all needed together - then separate power supply required (VBP_001)

Packing dimensions: 150 X 150 X 100mm

Packaging weight: 0.5kg